Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Woh jo dil mai tera muqaam hai.

Wo jo dil main tera maqam he kisi aur ko wo dya nahin
wo jo rishta tujh se he ban gya kisi aur se wo bana nahin

wo jo pyar tujh se ho gya kisi aur se wo hua nahin
wo jo raaz tujh se he keh dya kisi aur se wo kaha nahin

wo jo sukh mila teri zaat se kisi aur se wo mila nahin
tu basa he aankhon main js tarah koi aur aisy basa nahin

tu hua he jitna qareeb tar koi aur itna hua nahin
tera naam dil main he jis tarah koi naam aisy likha nahin


  1. Really awesome. I would have liked even more if you had posted it in Urdu Font. :)

  2. @Talha: Thank you for liking it. I will try to do it in Urdu, just need to organise some time for myself :)

  3. Anonymous3:10 pm

    v nice tauqeer.. it sounded sweet :)

  4. @mindandbeyond: Shukria :)

  5. awesome awesome awesome, i have sent this poem to my friends they liked it too

  6. Thanks to :)