Thursday, March 25, 2010


Khwab kho'day to teri yaad ke khandar nikley,
Khud mein doobey to teri zaat ke andar nikley,
Be-waja na thi yeh beijaan butou'n ki chahat,
Dil jo toota to tere pyar ke mandir nikley,

Hum to samjhe thay keh houn gay yeh do char aansu,
Roney baithey to samandar ke samandar nikley!!


  1. wah wah. Very cool. Why does shairi sound better when its depressing? Although, I do tend to remember saving funny ones but that was ages back.

  2. hehe I seriously don't know...and another thing what annoys me is when people would ask you, are you 'heart broken'? why do you put this kind of shairi.... lol