Wednesday, July 09, 2008


What happened to those days when my faith was strong?

When I wouldn't dare think of doing anything wrong

When my trust in Allah would lead me through

The good and bad, the old and new

What happened to the days when my prayer was sincere?

When there was absolutely nothing on earth I would fear

When I was certain that Allah was very near

And would run to Him and leave all else that is dear

What happened to those days when I could recite well?

When I bought Paradise and this world I would sell

When my heart was pure and all full of light

When my Salah was my source of strength and might

What's wrong my soul, why did you fall?

Don't you know that Allah hears your call?

A little test like this shouldn't beat you so

It shouldn't pull you down to a level so low

Don't you know that Allah always chooses what is best

And that this is all part of a previously planned test

Allah is Great, Allah is Al-Hakeem

His ways are just, no matter how hard it may seem

Hold on my soul, to the fireball in your palm

Hold on tight and when it burns, be calm

Whenever it falls, bend down and restart

Let out the tears and wipe clean that heart

Get back on your feet and go back to those days

You will soon see this is only a transient phase--

Source: This poem has been taken from this blog, with many thanks.


  1. unaiza nasim10:12 am

    kabhiu khud bhi kuch likha karein ji:)

  2. ji last aik do entrys apni hi thien na .. :$

  3. kuch kuch hota hai ;)
    very moving poem. I guess very one of us do struggle and go through storm of doubts fromt ime to time, but from my experiance, after all that sh..t that happened to me, and all that wisdom i get to hear all the time, i can proudly say that Allah does now best...just wait and u'll see.

    best regards from Poland

  4. Thank you Amina for stopping by.